domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Yes, we can!

You are probably not the best student in the world. Maybe even English is not your favourite subject at school :-( ... but I'm sure there is something you like doing and you can do very well. Would you like to tell us? And, what is more, would you like to tell it to the world?
Let's start by creating a web space of your own where you can write about your favourite subjects / hobbies / activities.. as well as attach pictures, videos, etc. 
My first suggestion is that you open your own gmail account (if you don't have one yet!) You must do that at home. Follow the instructions in this video and, if you have any problem during the process, ask for help to any of your classmates or to the teacher. 

Once you have your gmail account you can access lots of interesting sites and applications. We'll start by 'customizing' our welcome page (we'll do this one afternoon with those volunteers who want to try...) and will create our personal study-blog. 
Here's a 5 minute video tutorial of how to make a simple blog with blogger. (Ask the teacher if you need more help)

Now that the technical side is finished, it is time for you to write your first post. The topic for this first post is, as you know, "Something I am good at or I can do quite well" but you mustn't write that as the title. Find a title more personal and more 'commercial' for your post. Then write a draft, as usual, find one or more pictures that fit with the topic, check grammar and spelling on your word processor and finally show it to your teacher. When you have the teacher's  "OK" you can pos it on your blog.
In the next days, we'll keep inproving our blogging habilities. Stay online...

If you already have a personal blog, let us know. Write your name as well as your blog's name and address in this SHARED DOCUMENT.

Also, here is a sample text about my 'Yes, I can' so you can use it as a model for your post:

DIY Picasso
My favourite activity when I'm not at school is drawing pictures and creating ccomic characters. I think I'm good at this and my friends always want that I give them my pictures. I think my works are not good enough to be considered 'professional' but it is my favouirite hobby and I like practising it.

I have made more 'serious' drawings for some especial occasions as ilustrating a children's book or making a birthday card. I have also attended drawing and painting lessons for almost one year and I have taught children some drawing lessons.

I think I could help people in the class who want tro learn to draw comic characters. We could have a 'practical workshop' where we can learn some basic techniques for this activity.

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